Determine - Before a deposit is paid, I meet with you to determine if I can provide you with the style of entertainment that you are seeking for your event. I would never want someone to hire me and then expect me to provide a service that is beyond my scope or ability. During this phase, if it is determined that I am lacking the infrastructure or style that you are seeking, then I will provide you with referrals that would best suit your needs.

Discover - After making your decision to choose me as your event entertainer/coordinator/mc, I discover your ideas, needs, wants, and thoughts and discuss their relation to the success of the event and prioritize them based on your input. During this phase, I inject knowledge and advice from my past experiences, answer questions, but always allowing you to make the final decisions.

Define - Together we define what is expected and define boundaries. While some people want an event with all styles of music, others have a specific idea and mood that they want accomplished. Some clients want announcements and events handled with eloquence and seriousness, while others want humor and levity. I can adapt to all styles as long as we define the style you are looking for.

Design - Using the notes and correspondences from the stages above, I design a layout for the event and submit it to you for approval. Any holes in the design are addressed and events are re-arranged based on any recent changes or additions.

Develop - During all of the stages, we develop a friendship and repoire. I want my clients to feel comfortable, so that they don't hesitate to inform me of any changes, additions, ideas, or exclusions. You shouldn't have to start a call or email with "I'm sorry to bother you" or "I hate to ask". You have hired me and it's my job to listen to your needs. I am never bothered with requests or changes.

Deliver - Using everything that we have determined, discovered, defined, designed, and developed, I will deliver the event you expect. I arrive early, dress accordingly, utilize professional equipment and lighting, play songs that you want, omit songs that you don't, announce in a manner based on your personality, adhere to our schedule and coordinate with your other hired professionals.

Debrief - After the event, I encourage clients to provide me with a review or critique so I can continue to better my services for future clients and address any areas that might need strengthening. No matter what job a person does in life, there is always room for improvement and growth. I don't deny that and this stage helps me to understand what areas I should focus on for growth and improvement..