DJ & Music Programming

MC & Reception Planning

Working together during the planning process, we determine what your guidelines and musical tastes are regarding the music styles and genres that will be played at your wedding reception.  Everything from "Don't Plays" to "Must Plays" and breaking down the 3 major areas of an event.  (Cocktailing, Dinner, and Dancing)  Some clients leave it up to me with little direction or input in this area, and then others give me detailed lists, spreadsheets, 20 emails and a certified letter (and of course everything in between those two ends)  Every client is different and after working in this industry for over 10 years, I have worked with every type of personality in this regard.  By default, I don't play "interactives", "YMCAs" or "line dances" (these are something you would have to explicitly request in planning ,ie... your dad insists you have "insert whatever here" at your wedding)  When making music lists, it is important to consider your family and friends as well.  During your reception, you don't want to be the only person on the dance floor :)


This is one area where the industry has rapidly developed and changed over the last 10 years.  No longer does a DJ just show up and ask the catering manager what the time line is and then press play.  We create a timeline together and then I execute that plan.  I make sure that the evening flows correctly and doesn't have abrupt transitions or moments that drag on longer than they should.  I speak to your guests with clarity, maturity and diction.  I don't resort to "monster truck rally" voices or rely on movie sound drops to try and be funny.  In order to keep your family and guests engaged, I inform them what is taking place and what is yet to take place.  That way they are not left guessing as to what is going on or coming up.  I get the audiences attention and properly introduce people when needed.  I only get on the microphone when there is a purpose or reason.  I do not shout over music and try to make people say "hey or ho" (there are hundreds of djs in DFW that will do that for you if that is what you are looking for, and they are probably extremely cheap)




For sound re-enforcement, I set up in a multi-zoned configuration, where the dance floor volume can be controlled independently of the whole room.  During announcements, toasts, speeches, etc...  I broadcast across the whole room.  When it's time to dance, I bring up the volume on the dancefloor and lower the room volume.  That way the people on the dancefloor have a great time and then your guests sitting at the tables can engage in conversations (and tell the same family stories that have been re-told for the last 20 years).  I actually come from a live sound mixing background, so I have extensive experience in setting up speakers in a manner that is effective, yet doesn't take away from the appearance of the room.  You would be amazed at how many DJs will setup speakers (as well as lighting for this example) and have cords draped all over the place, then running over to an orange "weed-wacker" cord running across the floor and up a table.  I use all black cables and tape everything down to tripods and corners of the base boards to ensure a clean, consistent, elegant, and safe environment.

I also offer Ceremony Services if the ceremony will be at the same venue as the reception.  Wireless mics for the officiant, readers and soloists as well as patch panels for any musicians that might be playing.


Depending on your personality and overall vision for your wedding reception, lighting can play a key role in achieving that goal or detract from it.  While my primary focus is on being a good MC and DJ, I do offer some lighting options to enhance the overall look of your reception.  In determining what your vision is for the feel of the room, we can determine if any of my lighting options are a fit.  If your desire for lighting goes above and beyond what I offer, then I refer you to one of the many lighting companies in DFW that specialize in event lighting and have the correct tools, staff and ladders/lifts to install such an environment.   I offer the following lighting options:

  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • Monogram Projection
  • L.E.D. UpLighting
  • Cake Pinspotting