The short story of Realme as a brand

performance of Realme 3 Pro

Realme is one of the fastest growing smartphone company in the world. In a market as competitive as that of consumer electronics, Realme’s annual growth has been an incredible 800%. Let’s take a look at what’s behind Realme’s success.Click here to buy realme 3 pro.

The beginnings of Realme, a really young company

The Realme brand was born in May 2018 in response to Xiaomi’s rapid growth in emerging markets, especially in India. Given this, the conglomerate BBK of Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus decided a radical change of strategy so as not to lose a greater share. The plan was simple: compete with the same rules and copy the Xiaomi model.Visit this site to buy realme 3 pro.

As if it were a carbon copy, Realme is born. It is also a name that sounds very similar to Redmi, which was Xiaomi’s cheapest line of smartphones. But here the coincidences do not end, their distribution plan and model characteristics are similar.

The first phones

The first models still came with the Oppo logo at the bottom to give them greater support and even the customization layer borrowed fromColorOS. In its first model, two features also stood out: a very striking case inherited from a previous Oppo model and outstanding technical specifications for its price.

Great success in India

Priced at the equivalent of one hundred euros, it was a success in India, beyond the company’s predictions. In the first sale, the model sold out in just two minutes. Eventually, the company sold more than four hundred thousand smartphones of this model in just two months.

The key to the expansion of the brand has been its online distribution through its own page and with agreements with the main electronic businesses.